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Thursday, March 22, 2018     24.0°    Fair and Windy
Palmer Police find cocaine use has decreased with the popularity of meth. Cocaine is more expensive than meth and may  be sold with heroin    

Slang: White, Yeah, Coca, Cola, Yola.

Look for: Cocaine is a white, flaky, almost shiny powder (more like flour than meth), often kept tightly wrapped in plastic bags or baggies. They may also be tightly wrapped in small pieces of balloons. Rock Cocaine (for smoking) looks like waxy dried white or almond-colored bread.

Paraphernalia: Very small spoons, small mirrors with razor blades, snort tubes rolled dollar bills, piece of cut straw, hollow tube of a pen. Dealers will use scales for measurement.

Storage: Plastic baggies or glass vials, snuff-type dispensers with tiny spoons attached.

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