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Palmer Police find meth is one of the most dangerous, widespread drugs abused in our area. Users often begin by snorting the drug, then smoke it, then injected. Crystal Meth is popular now and marketed as more pure, but in reality is no different than colored meth.

Slang: Shards (like shards of glass), Crank, Crystal, CR, Powder. Meth users are Tweekers. Meth is often bought in a T or Teener (1/16th  oz.), or an 8 Ball (1/8th oz.).

Look for: A clear, white or brown powder, white or brown chunky material, or white crystals often kept in zip-lock baggies. Users may have 8-Ball symbols on clothing, key chains or posters. Users may wear ball caps with a "CR" symbol. Users may discard corners of sandwich baggies or grocery bags with small bits ripped off, as well as bits of straws heat sealed at the ends.

Paraphernalia: meth pipes are often made of thin glass and may have dark residue inside. Mini torches (not lighters)  and butane fuel or propane bottles (the type used for camp stoves). Snort tubes piece of cut straw, hollow tube of a pen, may have residue inside. Needles, syringes, dirty spoons and cotton, scales.

Storage : Meth materials are often kept in purple Crown Royal Bags, or other small storage containers, zip-lock baggies with residue.

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